Melbourne has come through with some glorious sunny weather for The Arnold Classic this year. The Arnold Classic is the world’s largest annual multi-sport expo, held in Melbourne from the 17th – 19th of March this year. 

My fiance, Tarren and I headed to the Exhibition Centre on Friday. Where we enjoyed live sports, health and fitness workshops and meeting some of our favourite athletes.

I met one of my fitness inspirations and favourite YouTubers, Heidi Sommers aka Buff Bunny. I brought her a converse keyring as a little joke and she thought it was hilarious, calling it “Heidi size”. Heidi was incredibly kind and gave us a lot of her time.

There are a lot of competitions to enter as well. Tazz won over $300 worth of protein and other fitness supplements. I’m waiting to hear back from one of the car competitions I entered, “fingers and toes love” (sneaky Kath & Kim reference).

We love heading to the Arnold Classic every year. If you’re interested in sport, fitness, health or wellness, you still have tomorrow to go and check it out. Melbourne is having some amazing weather so it’s well worth the $25 in my opinion, let me know if you go.

I hope you enjoyed this post – be sure to visit me on YouTube!

Brooke Lindsay x


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