If you’re in need of some workout motivation this winter, because I know I am, then get moving with this outdoor booty workout. It aims to shape and tone your legs and butt.

This workout routine is great because you can do it anywhere, at any time, with no equipment necessary. I use a bench to help me find that perfect 90-degree angle when squatting, but if you can get lower that’s amazing.


  • Warm up – 1 min toe taps reps x 4-6 rounds
  • Air squat x12 reps x 4-6 rounds
  • Step ups x20 reps x 4-6 rounds
  • Walking or isolated elevated lunges x20 reps x 4-6 rounds
  • Jump squat x12 reps x 4-6 rounds
  • Warm down – stretch & hydrate

Take 2-3 minutes to rest and hydrate between rounds. Record how many rounds you can do and aim to beat it each time.

I hope you enjoyed this post – be sure to visit me on YouTube!

Brooke Lindsay x


  1. Love this! Subscribed to your channel and following your blog:) I have a Move It Monday series on my blog where bloggers, like you, have a chance to share their links to health and fitness-related posts like these. Feel free to check it out and participate when you like:)


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